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Things to Know if Your Medical Treatment in Abroad Goes Wrong

Posted on January 30, 2018 with 0 comments

Getting a medical treatment done while you are enjoying a nice holiday seems like a great idea, and even more when you have to pay much less than you would normally do in your own country. But sometimes, your medical treatment abroad can go wrong – there may be some complications, you may fall prey to an infection, or the procedure may not be successful due to other reasons. It is scary to think of a failed medical treatment in a foreign country – so what can you do if that happens? Let us discuss it-

What happens if treatment goes wrong

Before leaving for your treatment abroad, you have to consider the eventuality that something may go wrong. And if you are in an unfamiliar country, you may not know who to turn to or how to proceed. So, before signing any papers, check all the terms carefully and make sure you ask who would pay for any complications (the clinic/ hospital should pay for infections arising out of poor hygiene conditions or low standard of aftercare). Also, there might be complications which may not be the result of the clinic’s fault. So, you must know beforehand who would be responsible for the payment of the extra treatment.

Responsibility for extra costs

Staying abroad for an extended period of time will increase other costs as well, such as the extended hotel stay for your attendant, your extended hospital time, cost of medicines and extra cost for rearranging flight tickets, etc. If your clinic is at fault, they should bear the cost of this, which you must get it in writing before you depart from your native country. Find out if the hospital/clinic will pay compensation as well take care of all remedial expenses if you experience any inconvenience, suffering, or loss of earning due to their fault.

Medical tourism insurance

It is better to be safe than sorry. While travelling abroad for treatment, you must avail your medical insurance for your treatment abroad. Though you may be going abroad in order to save money, if something goes wrong, at least your insurance would pay for the extra cost for remedial treatment. Many people are unaware that insurance for medical tourism exists. But it does, and you should definitely make use of it.


Find out before the trip about the extent of aftercare that your clinic/hospital abroad would undertake. There are clinics and hospitals that provide post-treatment care in your home country as well instead of just telephonic or email support. While looking for medical treatment abroad, you must find a hospital that has ties with other hospitals in your country. It will help you handle your post-treatment woes with ease, and act as a mediator to arrange the refund of the full cost of treatment if you are not satisfied with the services provided to you.

Do your research thoroughly before selecting the health care facility abroad. Read their reviews and try to establish responsibility before you make any payment or sign any contract. They should have proper aftercare in your own country, which means that you do not have to visit the country again and again for treatment. Also, find out about the laws which protect medical tourists in the country you choose as your destination for treatment.

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