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Telemedicine Services: Online Doctor Consultation on Voice, Video Call

Posted on March 15, 2018 with 0 comments

The days of visiting a hospital or clinic to get a specialized opinion is long gone. Technologies have progressed so much that people can sit in their own comfort zone and speak to a specialist online. Amongst the various online consultation services, the most recent edition of telemedicine proves to be beneficial in many ways.

What is telemedicine and how does it work?

Telemedicine is an online facility that allows people to connect with Medical specialists even from remote location. Through this service, a patient can speak to a doctor without having to travel to a healthcare facility.

This is an ideal option especially for those who have restricted mobility, live in areas where the medical facilities are not advanced or in situations where the weather condition is not favorable to travel. By using their desktop, smartphone or any other device that connects to the internet; patients can avail the medical consultation from their home itself.

How do Medical Tourists stand to gain from tele-consultations?

People availing medical tourism facilities and services have a lot of questions in their mind pertaining to the type of treatment they are planning to undergo. Through telemedicine, they can speak to a doctor from the country they are looking to get treatment and clear their doubts. This will help them to make an informed decision before they embark on their journey.

A specialist will be able to give a clear understanding of the present medical situation of the patient. In order to get the right consultation, the patient should provide all the necessary information and medical reports to Doctors.

Benefits of Telemedicine

  1. Convenience

Convenience is one of the biggest benefits of Telemedicine and online consultancy. It allows you to connect to a doctor from a different country whenever you want.

  1. Affordable

It is a money saving service as patients have the head start and benefit to plan their trip accordingly. Since they have already spoken to a specialist, it helps them to understand the kind of expenses they have to consider while working on their budget.

    3. No Waiting Time

For patients suffering from chronic illness, every second matter. With the help of this service, such patients get the much-needed attention within no time. Even if it is a chronic cold or a progressive disease, the patient can book an online consultation with their preferred Doctor at their preferred date and time.

Book Video Consultation with Top Doctors through Dalmia

Dalmia MedTrip facilitates patients in taking online consultation with best multi-specialty Doctors in India. Through Dalmia MedTrip, one can easily book voice or video consultation with preferred doctors at their convenient date and time.

We follow strict protocol while onboarding the Doctors by performing rigorous quality checks, verifying documents, patient feedbacks to provide you with international standard of care. Consult the best Dieticians, Dermatologists Psychologists, Ophthalmologists Gynaecologists in India from the comfort of home.

Benefits with Dalmia MedTrip: Online Consultation

1.  Verified Hospitals and Doctors

We follow strict protocol while onboarding the Doctors and Hospitals to provide you with the utmost level of care you deserve.

2.  Secured Payment Options

Pay for your consultation via easy, secure and confidential payment modes.

3. Private and Secure Consultations

Online consultations take place on our secure, encrypted, web-based platform to keep your private information protected.

4. Assistance for Treatment in India

We assist you in getting medical treatment or surgeries in India at a very competitive price.

Looking to book a video consultation with top Doctors in India?

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