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International Women Day 2018: Top 10 Women Health Issues

Posted on March 5, 2018 with 0 comments

Being a woman is not easy. A woman plays multiple roles. She manages a house and her professional commitments in the most balanced manner. However, in the midst of all these responsibilities and duties, the one thing that most women overlook is their own health.

Studies have revealed that in comparison to men, many women are at a high risk of developing different types of diseases. In most cases, the death tolls of women have hit astounding numbers. The even more sad part about these facts is that in most cases, many of these deaths could have been prevented.

This International Women Day, let us keep the women of today informed and be concerned about their health by highlighting the top ten women health issues.

Breast Cancer

Rated as the topmost fatal disease in women, breast cancer has been a long-standing problem that many women face. On an average, close to half a million women across the globe died due to breast cancer. When you look at the statistics of all these women, most of them are from the middle and low-income groups. The lack of proper medical treatment, prevention awareness, and screening resources are a few common reasons that contribute to high no. of deaths.

Heart diseases

The number of women diagnosed with heart diseases is growing at a drastic pace. After breast cancer, studies have revealed that close to 27% of the death recorded in women are due to heart diseases. Annually close to 500,000 women die unknown deaths because of an underlying heart condition. This is why; women have to make it a point to undergo various types of Heart health checkups and tests regularly.

Reproductive/fertility issues and health concerns

Due to the constant hormonal changes in a female’s body, many women are at a higher risk of developing reproductive issues and health concerns. Especially for women after the age of 30, the chance of conception and pregnancy becomes a little dicey. Furthermore, pregnancy and miscarriages in older women are a lot high. Another reason for reduced fertility and reproductive issues is the present Lifestyle that many women lead in which drinking and smoking have become very common.

Obesity and low metabolism

Obesity rank in one of the topmost concern of global healthcare in management, studies have shown that female above the age of 30 are prone to develop obesity-related issues due to low metabolism. While in some cases, it could be genetic or hormonal, in most cases it is just due to the lifestyle women lead. To cater to this problem, women have to ensure that they watch their diet properly and also exercise regularly.


The HIV and AIDS epidemic is not hidden at all. Especially in low-income countries, many women stand a greater risk of developing sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS and HIV. Those who are forced into human trafficking are the topmost targets of these diseases. Women who are undergoing different types of treatments where blood transfusion is involved equally pose a high risk of being infected. HIV and AIDS have taken many lives of women who are aged between 20 and 60 across the globe.


Close to 55000 women die due to stroke. In the US, research has shown that approximately 8% of the death and T in female opposed due to stroke. Around the world, the number of women that die due to this condition is approximately 60%. It is very important to know and understand the symptoms of stroke and avail medical treatment as soon as possible.


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is another fatal disease that has taken the lives of many women worldwide. Around 64000 women around the world die due to COPD every year. The worst part is that in most cases, women were ignorant about the symptoms of COPD and overlooked their health. One of the major reasons why most women develop this problem is due to smoking.  Watch out for symptoms like low activity levels and shortness of breath.

Alzheimer’s disease

This degenerative and progressive brain disorder has taken the lives of close to 4% of women in the US alone every year. What is even more astounding is the fact that around 4.5 million American women live with this condition. The deaths caused by Alzheimer’s in men are a lot less than what is seen in women. The starting point of this condition often includes symptoms like confusion and forgetfulness.

Domestic abuse and injuries

Domestic Violence has been one of the biggest causes of concerns for women. Millions of women worldwide are victims of various types of domestic violence. This plays a major toll on their health not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally as well. From rape to physical assault and even death, the numbers of crimes due to domestic abuse is increasing drastically. Only 3-4 cases out of 10 are reported to the local authorities. Even the death tolls in women due to domestic violence is very high especially in low-income countries and rural areas.


Every year, around 26 million women in America are diagnosed with Diabetes. On the global front, the number of women affected with diabetes is around 5 million women are diabetics. In most of the cases, the women have developed Type 2- diabetes. Although these numbers are alarming, the ray of hope is that it is preventable. All you have to do is ensure that you check your sugar levels regularly, live a healthy lifestyle and watch your diet.

A woman’s responsibilities and duties require her to be present at all times. Nevertheless, it is very important that she should take care of herself. A simple test can help prevent many medical conditions. As the saying goes – Prevention is better than cure.

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