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Dalmia MedTrip: Providing Excellent Customer Service in Medical Tourism

Posted on February 12, 2018 with 0 comments

Finding the best medical tourism service provider in India? Apart from the high standard of treatment, hygienic facilities, and low cost; there is another factor that can make a health care facility which should be considered – excellent customer service. The ability to make a medical tourist feel happy, confident, and comfortable will enhance the reputation of your healthcare facility. Honestly written good reviews about the top medical tourism companies in India can assist you in your mission.

To provide the utmost level of patient satisfaction, Dalmia MedTrip continuously keeps an eagle-eye on improving its customer service-

Provide Training on Customer Handling

The training provided to our employees’ emphasis on factors like proper communication skills, the never say die attitude, maintain a proper flow while resolving problems etc. We train them to maintain proper body language and non-verbal gestures always.

Maintain transparency and deliver what we promise

Transparency plays a vital role in the growth of any organization or company. We make it a point that our company provides the patients with all the necessary information to the customer. It is always good to provide options (if applicable) when it comes to the various treatments and costs applicable. If there are any aftercare costs involved, we communicate the same to the customer in advance.

By making the right recommendations based on the patient’s needs, we can make your customers happy. This will help them in making an informed decision by taking into consideration all the information provided to them.

Adopting the Latest technology for better customer service

Technology has made it possible to provide better customer service. We incorporate new technologies that are associated with the healthcare sector to provide better customer service.,.

We take responsibility for any inconvenience caused

One of the biggest challenges that come with customer service is taking responsibility for the inconvenience a customer faces.

By taking responsibility and acting on the problem, we believe in walking the extra mile to provide proper customer service. This helps to regain the trust of the customer in many ways. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words- We make sure that we focus on the resolution of the problems.

Online presence for enhanced customer service

One of the major things that customers look out for is an online presence. We ensure that our presence is noticeable in every possible way. For that matter, our website is equipped with the various treatments available, patients feedback, features and services such as different support and contact options, live chat etc.

For instant assistance or getting an estimate for your Medical Treatment in India, contact us at:

care@dalmiamedtrip.com | Call 1800-11-2262

Website: www.dalmiamedtrip.com

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