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Dalmia MedTrip- Best Medical Service Provider Company in India

Posted on January 23, 2018 with 0 comments

In recent times, Medical Tourism in India has shown tremendous growth. It has been growing at a steady rate of 22-25 percent and is expected to turn into a $ 6 billion market by 2018. Owing to the tremendous growth in this field, medical tourism companies in India have become a dime a dozen. Tourists coming to India for the first time are often puzzled by the variety of options that they have in front of them. Selecting a particular company becomes especially more difficult as the patients are not only investing their hard-earned money but are also risking their lives. In such circumstances, doing a background check on an organization becomes immensely important.

At Dalmia MedTrip, we keep transparency and honesty as our two most valued principles. We know that providing the patient with a poor service, or not coming at par with the global standards would affect our own business, and it would further damage the reputation of every medical tourism company in India. Therefore, we hide nothing from our patients, and we make sure that companies working with us also follow the same moral code.

If you are wondering why you should consider us over any other Medical Tourism Company in India, then here are five reasons why you should:

1. Highest Quality Standards

Some companies that offer you the minimum quote often lead you to uncertified medical centres or ones having a dubious reputation. This is not the case with us. All the hospitals and medical centres associated with us have a very good reputation, and they are accredited by highest quality standard organizations such as JCI, NABL etc.

2. End-to-end services delivery

We know that the medical tourists coming to India want the whole procedure to go as smoothly as possible. They don’t want the unnecessary anxiety of booking flights, hotels, and taxis after coming to India. If this is what you desire, then you can always rely on us. We provide our patients with end-to-end-service from before their arrival to the country to their trip back home. Our coordinator will be at your service all the time.

3. Affordable Price

The prices that we offer to our patients are our best possible quotes. We do not keep any hidden charges. You would find our prices to be a fraction of what you would have to pay overseas for the same treatment. Moreover, we keep a range of alternatives in front of the patients and try to assist them through every step of decision-making.

 4. Assistance at every step of the way

Dalmia MedTrip concierge gives top priority to helping patients with whatever they need. We provide our patients with everything they desire so that they do not feel the desire to seek help from an outsider.

5. Initiative of an established healthcare domain

We are an initiative of a healthcare domain that’s already established in the healthcare market. Dalmia Medicare is one stop solution for Pharmacy, Doctor, and Diagnostics.

Since its inception, our organization has stayed committed to its aim of providing the best possible healthcare quality to our customers, and we constantly ask our clients to give us feedback so that we can improve the quality our services according to their needs. If you wish to make your medical tourism trip peaceful, painless, and full of happy memories, feel free to contact us. We will do all we can to make your dreams come true.

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