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Factors Which Indicate It Is Time To Consider Spine Surgery

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Posted on December 23, 2019 with 0 comments

Many conditions, diseases, or injuries can cause problems with your spine. The spine is connected to a host of muscle groups in the body, and because of this, just about any part of the body may be affected by spinal problems. Such is the severity of the spine problems that it has a major impact on your quality of life with regard to mobility and body postures. If you do have a condition which is particularly bad, you may require surgery at the spine surgery in Delhi. One can have the surgery when the benefits outweigh the risks involved. Some of the factors which indicate the need for spine surgery are:

1.     Grave injury- In most cases, you have time to consider your treatment options and make an informed decision about spinal surgery. The doctors do try to get the condition sorted when the patient tries to avoid surgery when possible, but this is not always realistic. The severe injury needs to be addressed with a spinal surgery on short notice.

2.     Painful bone spurs- Bone spurs are basically extra bone growth in the spine that tends to be a harmless consequence of aging. But when bone spurs grow and cause the clamping down on or compressing spinal nerves, it needs surgical intervention. The signs which indicate that the bone spurs are creating serious spinal problems include tingling, weakness, numbness or pain radiating out to the extremities.

3.     When you experience symptoms of nerve damage- If your spinal problems cause nerve damage, you could end up permanently disabled. Watch for common signs of nerve damage such as tingling and numbness in the legs. If you have severe symptoms such as bladder or bowel incontinence, you should see a specialist as soon as possible. If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean that you need spinal surgery. Do not attempt to self-diagnose your problems, consult a physician who has the experience and training to make the correct diagnosis in spine surgery in India.

4.     Abnormally curved spine- There can be a dramatic curve in the spine which depends on the severity of disease, patients with scoliosis — an abnormal curvature of the spine. The same is also described as “S-shaped” — or a similarly disabling condition called kyphosis may need surgery.

5.     Narrowing of the spinal canal- The spinal canal is a hollow space that houses and protects the spinal cord. It is when the bones along the spine become abnormally narrowed that they are said to be stenosed.

If non surgical treatments fail to address stenosis and —

·       Your movement or balance is severely impaired;

·       Some parts of the body go numb;

·       Your bowel or bladder functioning are affected

Such symptoms point at the necessity of a spine surgery.

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