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Dealing With Depression And Infertility

Posted on January 31, 2020 with 0 comments

One of the major challenges in recent times for people regardless of age is depression. What is even more daunting is a circumstance wherein both keep on haunting very often. Fortunately, the best IVF treatment hospital in India also counsel the childless mother/ couple in regards to overcoming from depression. Depression has been nothing short of an epidemic and women suffering from the trauma of infertility become vulnerable to depressing thoughts. As a matter of fact, depression, and infertility share traits. Firstly, they are both medical conditions. Secondly, both these conditions need to be treated on time to reduce the stigma.

Can depression lead to infertility and vice versa?

There may be links between depression and infertility due to hormonal issues which affect conditions, negative lifestyle habits and taking certain medications. If the studies are to be believed, the results are rather divided. While some studies have confirmed a correlation between depression and increased rates of infertility, others have not.

Various studies have shown different results: For example, one recent large multi-center study evaluating the effects of depression and antidepressant use on non-IVF treatment outcomes found different results for men and women. The male partner who have an ongoing problem of major depression were less probable of achieving conception; women with active major depression not using an antidepressant had a different outcome – it increased the potential of pregnancy. The study further stated that the use of antidepressants by the mother was associated could also increase the risk of miscarriage in the first trimester, particularly when the antidepressant was NOT an SSRI. The researchers conclude that the studies do need further research for corroboration of facts.

How to treat depression during infertility treatment

An infertility doctor in the best IVF treatment hospital in India must be consulted if the woman suffering from infertility shows signs of low mood or depression. This shall enable in a comprehensive treatment of infertility and promote overall care. You may have a hormonal imbalance that helps explain your infertility and depression. Another cause could be the consumption of fertility drugs such as synthetic estrogen – it may explain mood swings, anxiety and aggravate depression. Your specialist may be able to make changes in your medication to help, refer you to the appropriate fertility counselor or mental health professional, or suggest taking a short break from treatment.

It is true that the dual problem of infertility and depression can be daunting, but it should not be treated as a permanent state of disarray. With the proper guidance of the specialists, the problem can be allayed to a great extent.

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