What You Can Do To Extend Support To Cancer Patients?

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A cancer diagnosis can be a nerve-wracking and life-changing experience. It is not just the family but also the family and friends who go through this change of mental setup. Family members may feel unsure of what to do to care for someone with cancer. Friends may be concerned about saying the wrong thing. It […]

oncology treatment

Some Quick Facts On Radiation Therapy

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Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses beams of radiation to shrink cancer tumors and destroy cancer cells. The radiation oncology specialist hospital advises the use of this therapy for many types of cancer, including head, neck, brain, and breast cancer Radiation destroys almost all the cancerous cells albeit it may also destroy the […]

Analyzing Migraine And Its Trajectory Of Treatment

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Headache is so common in terms of a mild health problem that each one of us is going to experience the same now and again. But migraines are a completely different story. This is a different form of headache, and perhaps more grave from the normal ones. This is actually a neurological condition that not […]

Orthopedics surgery

Some Common Orthopedic Disorders

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An orthopedic condition has gripped one and all these days. Regardless of the age and the nature, people tend to struggle with bone and joint pains due to a plethora of reasons. However, one must not be under the impression that the orthopedic pains can be generalized as they stem from the various bone and […]

spine surgery

Factors Which Indicate It Is Time To Consider Spine Surgery

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Many conditions, diseases, or injuries can cause problems with your spine. The spine is connected to a host of muscle groups in the body, and because of this, just about any part of the body may be affected by spinal problems. Such is the severity of the spine problems that it has a major impact […]

A Factoid On Bone Marrow Transplant

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A bone marrow or stem cell  are the components present in your body, which bring forth all other specialized cells such as blood cells, brain cells, heart muscle cells or bone cells. The stem cells are the ones with the ability of regenerating ability as stem cells. The most known types of blood cells being: […]

kidney transplant

Important Things To Know About Kidney Transplant

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A kidney transplant is medical operation procedure wherein a person with kidney failure gets a healthy kidney placed into the body. The kidney donor can either be deceased or a living person. It must be noted that the kidney transplant conducted at the top organ transplant hospitals is basically a treatment and does not qualify […]


Pediatric Surgery; When Some Special Considerations Are To Be Made

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The very mention of pediatric surgery can suffice the fact that it is the most sensitive specialty as the best pediatric hospital in India has to deal with the youngest patient base. Children are not adults or even a kid in early teens. Based on their physical build and age, there are many special considerations […]


Telemedicine Services: Online Doctor Consultation on Voice, Video Call

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The days of visiting a hospital or clinic to get a specialized opinion is long gone. Technologies have progressed so much that people can sit in their own comfort zone and speak to a specialist online. Amongst the various online consultation services, the most recent edition of telemedicine proves to be beneficial in many ways. […]

Womens day

International Women Day 2018: Top 10 Women Health Issues

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Being a woman is not easy. A woman plays multiple roles. She manages a house and her professional commitments in the most balanced manner. However, in the midst of all these responsibilities and duties, the one thing that most women overlook is their own health. Studies have revealed that in comparison to men, many women […]

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Dalmia MedTrip: Providing Excellent Customer Service in Medical Tourism

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Finding the best medical tourism service provider in India? Apart from the high standard of treatment, hygienic facilities, and low cost; there is another factor that can make a health care facility which should be considered – excellent customer service. The ability to make a medical tourist feel happy, confident, and comfortable will enhance the […]


Make it a Happy and Healthy Valentine Day

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and couples have already started about planning different ways to surprise their partners. While a romantic date is a must one, you can defiantly make a big difference in your partner’s life by opting for some healthy activities. Here are a few things that you can do as […]

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